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Whaling or not?

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Why are everybody so damn politically correct all the time? Where is the healthy debate that spawns progress and new ideas, provokes though and emotions?

Today the band Modest Mouse published the video “King Rat” directed by the late Heath Ledger, and its definitely a kick in the groin of everybody positive to whaling or seal hunt, those who enjoy whale meat or other products that come from whales and seals. In the video the roles are changed somewhat in order to present the inhumane hunt for seals and whales that some countries still practice. My country is one of them and honestly, why is this a problem?

A whale is an animal like any other animal, it does not have greater value or a life more worthy than other animals. Cows, pigs, cats, hamsters, cods, dolphins and deer all have one life and its just as precious for them, as their life should be to us. Humans are on the top of the food chain and therefore eat just about everything that is below them, just like the animals under us will prey on animals even lower in the food chain. This is the nature of things and a constant.

Even though eating other animals comes naturally to us – why else would evolution provide us with sharp teeth – but we can also choose. I can choose to not eat animals, just like I can choose to not wear fur, leather belts or any other animal product. I can choose to not use medicine that is tested on animals and not keep pets. Having pets would be exploitation and torture of a free animal spirit if you follow this line of though. On the other hand, you can choose to do as most of us do, eat hamburgers, fish, go hunting, use leather coats, eat goose liver etc. This choice is also fine by me and the one that I have chosen.

Now then, why do some animals have a higher value than others? Why are whales more important to preserve or save than, say, rats? Personally I think they are of equal value and should be treated the same humane way and put down, if necessary to prevent infections and disease or provide meat, in the same humane way. This is not something that everybody agrees on, and some animals have a higher status or standing than others. I believe this comes from effective marketing by organizations like Greenpeace and PETA, not from careful evaluation. Whales are roaming the waters in great numbers. Not all types of whales, as some have been hunted too much for too long, but some of them are numerous enough to be hunted for food. Seals are in abundance on the ice in the polar regions, but since their cubs are pretty and look like stuffed animals, they also have a higher standing than uglier animals and should not, say the naysayers, be hunted.

What happens if we do not hunt them? Well, basically they first eat up most or all the fish that should be harvested for human food, and then many of them starve to death. Is that humane? I think not, and driving a nail through the head of a seal to kill it humanely is better for the preservation of the breed as a whole.

Hopefully some will disagree with me and post comments, but before you do: I do not condone inhumane treatment or killing of animals. Any killing should be done with as little suffering to the animal as possible – making kosher and halal meat unavailable unless the animal is tranquilized first.

How does that fit your view of the world?

Well, enough ranting. Have a look at the video. Personally I don’t like the music and I don’t think the Heath Ledger directed video is anything to write home about either. I guess that him being dead and getting an Oscar for the Batman movie makes him a genius or something.

Actually it fits nicely within this definition 🙂