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Music will set you free!

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Well, perhaps not – but undoubtedly music is something that improves our lives, whether you use it to set the mood, shorten drives or really listen to it. I used to be a hi-fi freak and spent ridiculous amounts of money on cables, speakers and electronics, before I had to spend all my money on family and more mundane things, like food and rent. I still think music is an important part of my life, and I try to really listen to it from time to time.

Prior I linked to some friends of mine that went to Ghana in Africa to help out an orphanage, and two of those kids have started up a rock band here in Norway, based out of Asker and Bærum. I thought I’d do a shameless plug to (hopefully) improve their fan base somewhat – because their music is really good and with their upcoming album, they could really need a boost in attention 🙂

They call themselves AnCollision and play guitar based, melodic, straight forward rock music. Below is a music video they have made without anything other than a iPhone and some free editing software. I thinks its cool 🙂 They are currently recording their first album, out in November 2013 (on Indie Recordings) and will distribute on Spotify, Wimp, iTunes and other digital platforms in addition to physical media.

This is, in my humble opinion, a good example of ordinary guys getting a break and using modern technology in their quest to get their music out to the masses. It’s incredible how computers, smart phones and inexpensive software has made it possible for “ordinary people” to do what demanded a complete record company, talent scouts, PR-people, technicians, distributors, record company execs and the kitchen sink  just a few years ago. Power to the common people!!

Anyway, have a look at their first video and if you like it, feel free to support them and share the links in any way you want – its much appreciated 😀