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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I have not statistics blingyoubeen writing much in this blog for a while, and when coming back here today – I discovered that it has been almost one year since I last wrote anything at all (364 days to be exact). Still, even without being up to date on the current affairs of the world, or to be more precise: writing about whatever is going that needs my comment (if anything) – I am still receiving some traffic, albeit no or very few comments, on this blog. I do love comments, so if you have any opinions that you feel need to be aired, please do – I am all for discussion!

Actually, before I forget – have a look at my last post and please go to the linked site and define your favorite things. Its bloody difficult to reduce the number to only three.

At the moment, this blog is being accessed by about 100-150 different IP-addresses per day and that made me curious. What are people searching for in order to get this blog as a search hit, high enough in the responses from google, bing or whatever people prefer? Well, WordPress to the rescue – there are statistics!

Looking at the total statistics, a lot of people have been searching for the same thing – and my number one is Lizzie Miller from way back in 2009. She was the model that was somewhat “controversial” because of her un-model-like body, with some extra pounds here and there, somewhat unfit (but completely normal, as I have been told repeatedly) appearance. I did a piece on this here, if you are interested. I wanted to voice my opinion on this topic, and many got back to me with their comments. I appreciate all those that took the time to inform me, educate me, disagree with me and generally not praising my view on things. I like those that disagree, agreeing is not productive – but I still stand by my initial post on this πŸ™‚

More than 4000 search hits on the word “snus” as well. Snus is, for those of you that are not Swedish or Norwegian, a form of smokeless tobacco that is banned in the EU but is available in many other countries under a myriad of names, probably in different cuts too. I find it strange that the EU would ban smokeless tobacco while at the same time allowing cigarettes, that we know will kill a large percentage of its user base, but that’s just me. Tobacco is all bad, but snus is much less harmful if you are addicted to nicotine and need your daily dose of that. Works great on long flights too.

People seem to need demotivational posters from time to time, probably to underline a point or get likes on facebook. I have some, not many, that I put up here a long time ago – the ones I at the time found to be the funniest. I have not really been looking for any of these since then, but if you have suggestions on good motivational or demotivational posters – please post them in the comments below. Some of these are pure genius!

Matt Damon seems to be popular and he has been for the duration of this blog. I did a post on his increased weight for a movie, and now “Matt Damon fat” is high on my charts, so is “Matt Damon shirtless” and just plain old “Matt Damon“. I guess men search for the fat version to feel better about themselves, women just find him generally attractive. In his new movie, Elysium, he is as fit as ever. Damn you, Matt Damon!

Also, Bling water is something that many have an interest in. I bought a bottle of this by mistake once, and wrote some stuff about it. Thinking back, I find this to be one of the greatest hoaxes out there, right next to Scientology, people that can speak to the dead and most kinds of non science based medicine. Getting people to buy water purely for the image of you that it reflects is either really smart or completely .. eh .. its really smart. Low production costs combined with a high retail price is the best business idea I have ever heard of. You can still get it at the bling store, if you want it. I never drank mine, it was too expensive to open for a long time, and when I wanted to taste it – it was out of date. Water does not really get out of date though, but having it on a shelf for a long time is not the best way to store it, so it went in the sink.

I also had a look at the search hits that somebody only searched for once this year, and there are some strange ones there. Have a look a the image to thestatistics blingyou2 right. You have to have a strange mind to enter some of that stuff into a search engine, stuff like “poverty kids happy”, “omer bhatti michael jackson gay lover”, “lesbian islam” and “fat shirtless actor pictures”. I like the one about “dead fritjof nansen” though. Go here for his infamous nude picture, taken prior to his death, btw.

I have written some things about serious topics too, like the sexual abuse of children, folks I know that help poor children at orphanages in Africa and policing in Norway and on the Internet. They don’t seem to bee that popular, though.. πŸ˜‰

So – have a look at the other search hits and think about what brought you to this place. Anything productive, intelligent or useful – or just wasting time like most of us do when on the Internet?