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Madonna vs Metallica in Norway 2009

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Some poster on YouTube commented the Norwegian  audience at the Madonna concert in Oslo like this:

“It is amazing how people in Oslo are dead !!! hahahaha I bet the guy who picked up madonna’s sunglasses went to the security and said ” here are her sunglasses that she accidently threw at us !” hahaha

Metallica had concert the same evening and the band said that the Norwegian audience always are the best because they have the ability to listen. You can see the videos yourselves and compare.

Maybe the Norwegian people are different in the way that we can listen to the music and not always scream our heads off?

Regarding the lame comment from the poster on the sunglasses topic: Norwegians are really honest people, and if the guy gave back the sunglasses – it should be commended, not ridiculed. Imho, anyway 🙂

The quality is not the greatest on the latest clip, but James Hatfield is very pleased with the guys who attended their concert. I was actually at the Madonna concert myself, and felt that things were energetic and enthusiastic and two guys I know, who went to see Metallica – was very happy with the concert. I think Norwegians are not easily thrown into screaming frenzies when faced with the artists, but when they really appreciate someone, they let them know it too 🙂