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New pictures from the Treholt espionage case and trial

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

The famous, at least in Norway, espionage case against Arne Treholt is finalized, at last. Arne Treholt, dob December 13, 1942, was a sub department head and press spokesman for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he was arrested on the 20th of January 1984, charged with espionage.

The case was handled by Eidsivating Lagmannsrett  between 25th of February and the 20th of June 1985. Arne Treholt was sentenced to 20 years in prison for espionage on behalf of The Soviet Union and Iraq. The case was later appealed to the Supreme Court, but Treholt later withdrew his appeal.

Treholt has several times applied for a retrial, in both 1986 and 1990. The appeals were turned down by Eidsivating Lagmannsrett and later the following appeals to the Supreme Court was denied.

Arne Treholt was pardoned on the 3rd of Juli 1992 due to health issues, after having served 8 years and 5 months of his 20 year sentence. Treholt later filed a third appeal for a re-opening of his case to the Gjenåpningskommisjonen (Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission) but this was denied on the 23rd of January 2005.

Since the case now is over and done with, and there are no more possibilities for appeals or retrials, the Norwegian Police Security Service, the PST, have released some images that has not been made public before. The PST has also put together an overview of the case with more images, unfortunately only in Norwegian, but if you are interested you can find it here.

Anyone in Norway old enough to read newspapers or watch TV in the 80s know about the Treholt case. We have only had a couple of them in our country’s relatively short existence, one other being the Galtung-Haavik case, and the controversy relating to his pardon and later books and interviews has stirred up much debate.

Arne Treholt himself is states that “there are no new information in this case” when asked to comment the new images. Treholt would like more openness regarding the whole case, and has several times asked that the whole verdict be made public. He then continues “.. the only secrets in this verdict is that it does not contain anything secret“. Treholt has admitted gross misconduct during his service in the Ministry of Foreign Affaris, but has never admitted guilt for espionage.

According to the director of communications at PST, Trond Hagubakken, no more of the extensive material related to the Treholt case and trial will ever be published.

At last this case is over, and in the gallery below you can see the images that are “new” in this case.

A good Samaritan

Friday, July 24th, 2009

“You don’t need help because you are poor, but because you are the future of Iraq,” said Angelina Jolie to the citizens when she visited the country.

angelina in iraq 3The US Magazine wrote that the actor visited Iraq Thursday this week and that she stays one day in the country. She visits four families from the Abu Graib-district, located vest for the capitol of Baghdad.

Angelina Jolie is an FN-Ambassador and has visit conflict arias around the world before. In August 2007 the Hollywood actor visited a refugee camp whit 1200 refugees in Iraq and she has also visited Syria earlier.

Before she left Iraq this time she said to the people;” I want to come back and find you in a better place and in a different situation.  I hope that UNHCR and the government will support you in getting a piece of land. You people need help not because you are poor, but because you are the future of Iraq”.

For a long time Angelina Jolie has used her fame and position to make the world aware of the problems in various regions of the world. I think she does a very good job at this and that she really cares about the refugee she meets. She is not just an actor but warm and tender person who really cares and who understand that the interest she generates as an actor can be used to make the rest of us aware of problems in poor and conflict ridden areas of the world.  Keep up the good work Angelina!