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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

In some parts of the world they fight every day to get just a cup of clean water, let me share my latest water experience.. Last week I was in Germany on holiday and one day we went to a big supermarket to shop some groceries. There was a huge amount of various water bottles on sale there, and firs I saw some bottles of Voss water. In my country, were the Voss water comes from, it’s very expensive, so I bought four bottles. Then I saw this big water bottle, and its logo sparkled to me: “BLING!” I had never heard of that brand and it had no price on it, but being in a low cost country – at least according to the cost of living that I am used to – I figured that it would not be too expensive. The logo was made of crystals and I just had to buy it. When I went to the register to pay, I got really shocked! The bottle with the BLING water cost 42 Euro! I mean, 42 Euro for 750 ml of water?! How is that even possible? I was completely numb and there was a big line forming behind me, so I just paid for it. I later found out that this water is THE water to show off you wealth and build you image. I am neither wealthy or in need of some image building, but if you are: more info here.

Now I have a bottle of water that I can’t drink, it would almost be obscene compared to what struggles other people have to go through to get water. If you feel like it, please click the Marc Jacobs ad to the right, they will pay for each click and my charity is for clean water in 3rd world countries.

Let’s say it’s my way of making up for my horrible BLING water extravaganza 🙂

Bling! Bling! :)

Bling! Bling! 🙂