Omer Bhatti – the non son of Michael Jackson

Omer Bhatti at the Michael Jackson funeral

Omer Bhatti at the Michael Jackson funeral

Norway does not have many internationally renowned celebrities, movie stars or artists, but we do have one and he is world famous in Norway ๐Ÿ™‚ Because of this fact, anything that makes Norwegians interesting is good stuff for our media.

In 1996 the then 12 year old Omer Bhatti from Oslo, Norway stood outside the hotel of Michael Jackson in Tunisia, dressed as his idol. After performing a few dance moves, Michael Jackson noticed him and invited the family to his room. As far as I know both mother, father and siblings were invited and it all resulted in the Bhatti family trailing the Jackson entourage all over the world for several years. The Bhattis also stayed at the Neveraland ranch with Jackson for long periods.

Still, unless Michael Jackson – in addition to being a shape shifter also can travel in time – he is not the father of Omer Bhatti, even though some UK tabloids has speculated about this “fact“.

Omer Bhatti travelled to Los Angeles immediately after the death of Michael Jackson, as he has a good relationship with Jacksons children. In the mayhem that ensued over there, I guess they needed a sane, calm and caring friend. Norwegian media has been climbing over one another to bring us information about the friendship between Bhatti and Jackson, and he has not made any statements to any media. He stated this on his ObeeGalaxy blog Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen Don’t make it factual”

The above message has later been replaced by this:


Omer Bhatti prefer to give no statements about his friend, their relationship and the connection he has with the Jackson children. I think this is a mature and correct decision, but that does not calm the press in any way.

Today one of our major newspapers, VG, stated the followning “news” over one full page in the paper issue – and I will translate the headline for you non norwegians out there: Went SHOPPING with the Jackson children.

Basically the story is this, and this is all it is: The Norwegian Omer Bhatti (25) has been shopping with the children of Michael Jackson – in identical shoes as the pop legends youngest son!” “Omer went shopping with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (12) and Prince Michael Jackson II (7) at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Along with them was also the two children of Jermaine Jackson, Jaffar (13) and Jermajesty (9). Omer had the same shoes as Prince Michael Jackson II, aka “Blanket”.

Holy crap people, is this news or news worthy in any way, shape or form?? He had the same shoes! My God, stop the press! There is also a link to images on a blog somewhere, so we can all see the proof of this sensation. Liking the same shoes or clothes as an idols son is sufficient to fill a page in a national newspaper – at least in my country – but I suspect that its more or less the same all over.

It is now six weeks or so since Michael Jackson met his maker, and personally I am so utterly fed up with all the micro-news we have been presented with ever since. Michael Jackson had a pimple on his ass! Michael Jackson is gay and met his male lovers in sleazy hotels! Michael Jackson is not the father of his children! Michael Jackson was killed/took an overdose/had an accident/killed himself!

Its enough now, I am done – I think we all are. This latest “news” about the shoes was the drop for me. Its time to skip through anything bearing any resemblance to Michael Jackson news for a while. Its a shame, really, as the guy was gifted as an artist, although flawed as a person – and I fear that his legacy will be that of an eccentric, not an important recording and performance artist. I even experienced him live once, and there is no doubt that he was a fabulous entertainer.

Edit: In a recent interview with Larry King on CNN, Jermaine Jackson further the confusion by saying that he was unsure if Omer Bhatti was Michaels son or not.

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  1. Omer Bhatti - perhaps the son of Michael Jackson? | BlingYou Says:

    […] couple of days ago I wrote a post about the Norwegian Omer Bhatti who spent a lot of time with Michael Jackson from […]

  2. Peรฑafrancia Fiesta Military Parade Says:

    i could say that Michael Jackson is a living legend when it comes to pop music. he would be surely missed by most of us.

  3. BlingYou Says:

    Yes, I agree. He was a phenomenon in music, with an undoubted talent for writing, recording and performing music. I saw him live once, and although I did not like everything he did -- seeing him in concert was incredible.

  4. | Acne Treatment Health Site Says:

    i idolize Michael Jackson because of his great achievement in the Pop Music. farewell King of Pop.

  5. Shannon Says:

    Your a big dummy. Omer was already in LA when Mike died. He has been there for months. Also a former Jackson spokes person says she has known about Omer since 1992. Stop writing nonsense.

  6. BlingYou Says:

    Well, Shannon -- it looks like you know more than the media and even Omer Bhatti himself. According to this newspaper article (in Norwegian) from 1997, Omer apparently met Michael Jackson in August, last year -- making it 1996. Why on earth would they make up such an elaborate lie if they met each other in 1992? If he was Michaels son, then he would have known about him since birth in 1983 or thereabouts. Have a look here:

    Omer Bhatti went straight to LA after Michael died, at least according to our largest newspaper:

    All of this information is from the tabloids, but they do have more credibility than you Shannon, sorry… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Shannon Says:

    well actually Blingyou go to the abc news site and put in Omer’s name. Stacey Brown a former Jackson family spokesperson said that she has known about Omer since ’92:

    She made the statement that she didn’t believe he was Mike’s but that was before Papa Joe spoke. I’ll believe her versus your article.
    A friend of mine who knows insider information said Omer was in LA before Mike died. People magazine confirmed it:,,20293462,00.html

    The article said that he came to the Encino home with the kids! That would mean he was already there. I don’t know if he is Mike’s child but I’ll believe my news sources.

  8. OmerISMJSon Says:

    Proof 1. Omer is currently LIVING with Katherine Jackson at the Encino California home where Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket live. Here’s a picture of Omer out with Prince Michael and Blanket at Barnes and Noble.
    Omer (yellow shirt) with his brother Prince Michael and Blanket.

    Proof 2. At the Memorial he sat in the front row with the Jackson family between Joe Jackson and Rebbie Jackson. Only immediate family were allowed to sit in the front: Michael’s Parents, Brothers/Sisters/His Children. Omer only fits in the category of his child. Omer sat in the middle of Joe Jackson and Rebbie Jackson. Joe Jackson sat in the middle of Prince and Omer or sat in the middle of Michael’s 2 sons.

    Proof 3: Joe has admitted that Omer IS Michael’s son.

    Proof 4: Some say Joe wouldn’t know but Joe accompanied Michael on a trip to South Africa in 1997 with Lisa Marie Presley (Michael’s ex then), her children, and OMER BHATTI (sporting a red cap).

    Here’s a video of MJ and Omer in South Africa where Omer calls Michael “dad”

    Here’s Lisa Marie who was married to Michael holding Omer’s hand.

    YouTube video: Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley in South Africa

    2:17 & 2:52 -- there’s Omer Bhatti in the red hat, Lisa Marie and her children
    3:13 you see Joe and Katherine Jackson

    Proof 5: Here’s an Pre Plastic surgery picture of Michael where you can see Omer has MJ’s eyes, mouth, lips, and bone structure.

    Proof 6: Omer was in a huge Jackson Family photo taken around 2003. Omer is holding Blanket and standing on the right side of Michael. If he’s not family why is he in a FAMILY photo?

    Proof 7: Omer’s nickname is Obee and he is also great dancer like Michael but in this video he hints that MJ is his father.

    Proof 8: Omer also spent important holidays with Michael like this Christmas 1998 video shows at Neverland. In this 26 second shot, he’s holding Paris while MJ takes a picture of him.

    Proof 9: Lastly, it’s not a new story. MJ admitted in 2004 and no one believed him which is typical.,2933,133727,00.html

  9. BlingYou Says:

    Wow, guys -- impressive amount of links and stuff! I only speak of what I read in the papers, and generally the papers here are solid when it comes to information like this -- basically reporting things that just happened. When MJ died, Omer was immediately contacted over here but did not want to talk to the papers. He then, again reported by the newspapers, the TV-media and Radio, travelled to LA to help out with the kids and stay close to the family.

    He came back to Norway today: Sorry for the Norwegian only links, but they did try to talk to him at Gardermoen, the airport outside Oslo this morning.

    Michael Jackson also said that he never had any plastic surgery, so I am afraid that he did not only speak the truth.

    There is no doubt that they were friends, and personally I suspected that they were more than that. Omer has always been very loyal and has never really commented on the friendship in any papers here, but he has said that they met in 1996 in Tunisia. I do not see any reason to lie about it, and now -- that the billions are being spread around -- would be the best time to demand a DNA test and collect. IF he is related, that is. I think not.

  10. BlingYou Says:

    Omer Bhatti tilbake i Norge ! Omer Bhatti back in Norway!

    Omers fathers name is Humayoun Bhatti.

  11. Shannon Says:

    I still believe Stacey Brown

  12. BlingYou Says:

    That is your prerogative Shannon ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for commenting!

  13. Shannon Says:

    Here are my final thoughts on this subject. I apologize for the length. You gave the Norwegian perspective and now I am going to give you the American perspective.

    Let me start by saying I am not some crazy MJ fan. I actually hate tabloids but for some reason this story captured my attention. God knows why. I am a Christian and believe we all make mistakes and sin everyday including MJ. No one has convinced me either way; Omer may or may not be. People are passionate on both sides but I am not.

    Omer does look like a 20 year old MJ, young Omer did look similar to Blanket and Omer looks like he could be related to 5 of MJ’s nephews from 3 different brothers. Proves nothing! Your newspapers say experts say it is impossible for MJ to be Omer’s father. Once again they proved nothing!
    You believe your papers and I am inclined to believe mine. Was Omer here or was he there. Omer and Katherine know the truth.
    I don’t know any of the parties involved personally. Maybe you do but I don’t claim inside knowledge. You siad Omer doesn’t have a reason to lie about the “official” story of how he met MJ. Pete Rose denied he gambled on baseball for years. Diana Ross’s daughter didn’t know Berry Gordy was her father for years. Last year Omer told one of your papers he and MJ kept in touch. In touch? Dude was in Bahrain with Mike. I also read he was in New Jersey recording an albumn. I’m sure he visited Mike in Vegas and LA. He has a close relationship with the kids because they get to see him and talk to him often. This is not to say Omer is lying, just sayin.
    Many don’t trust Joe but why would he lie and lose the little credibility he has left. Who knows! I can also say the same thing about Stacy Brown, Rebbie’s friend and Rebbie’s son Austin. What reason do they have to go against the “official” stroy? I find it interesting that MJ and Omer would “meet” in Oct of ’96 and Omer is in MJ’s Esonic commercial the next month in LA; yet they say he didn’t move to LA until ’97. It’s also intersting that the other kid in the commercial thought Omer was MJ’s nephew but that’s neither here nor there.
    The people who know the truth are MJ and Omer’s mom. I think her and Riz’s cryptic responses helped fuel the fire. Even the statement on his website. When he wrote don’t believe everything you read was it about the original son rumor, the claim he denied MJ was his dad and he was in hiding in Norway ehen he was still in LA. Or was it regarding rumors about MJ in general. He knows but we don’t and that’s a problem. It would have been much simplier to say: “MJ was my best friend and he treated me like his son but he is not my father”. The End. Instead his agent refuses to comment. Out of no where videos made by the Bhatti’s are “found” on which Omer calls Mike dad! Riz is heard saying family photo when Omer and Mike are taking a picture. Other pictures of Omer and Mike come out. Where are they coming from? Did the Bhatti’s house get robbed? The lawyers for the estate say no comment or imply that they can’t legally comment; like there is some sort of gag order. This can easily be solved by an original birth certificate and marriage licence etc.
    I don’t know what you mean when you stated you think there was more to MJ and Omer’s relationship. If you are implying pedophilia, I totally disagree and I find your comments very disheartening. I am tired of those accusations and I pay no attention to those who make it. Leave Mike alone! If you meant something else, my apologies.
    Lastly, I hear Omer wants to release a hip hop albumn. If he releases it in Norway then he will be fine because you guys don’t believe the rumor. If he releases it in the USA the “mecca” of hip hop, he will have to address the paternity issue.
    At this point, I think it’s none of our buisness and I am exiting from this conversation. There is no need for you to respond unless your anal and need to have the last word. I have no plans to return to this site or any site about this matter. Once I hit submit this issue is dead to me. Good luck with your website!
    God bless the Jackson family during this terrible time. That includes Omer because they consider him family, biological or not.

  14. BlingYou Says:

    Well, I am not anal -- at least not about this subject -- nor do I need to have the last word. I just wanted to thank you for the lengthy comment, I enjoy discussion. If everybody agreed on everything, it would be boring ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. SparklyGirl Says:

    Ok…to clear something up…Stacey Brown is a man and an “unauthorized” biographer. I have to agree since I grew up in the MJ era since he was a kid…never heard of Omer until 1996. I am not saying one way or the other but to dispel anyone’s belief that the song Billy Jean is about this if that should come up is completely incorrect. Billy Jean was released in 1983 and is a compilation or fable if you will about groupies. Omer is about 24 to 25 so that whole theory can go down the drain if anyone should bring that up.

  16. Chezzny22 Says:

    Michael Jackson would always be the best popstar ever. i love all his songs and his live concerts.

  17. Jonathann Says:

    Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. He made a lot of great songs in the area of Pop Music. His death is a great loss to the music industry.

  18. Hayden Says:

    Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singer in our time. He is really the King of Pop and we would really miss this great person,

  19. Wow Says:

    BlingYou, I enjoyed what you posted, but I find the comments by those who worship at The Church of Michael Jackson very intriguing. (Okay, I was bored and was surfing the net.)

    I tried hard to see a likeness between the pre-surgery Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti. I realize genetics are such, children can resemble any parent, but I just don’t see any likeness between Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson, even when I squint. He did, though, have a facial resemblance to a lot of young children close to Mr. Jackson. When I finally found photos of Riz Bhatti and compared Omer with Riz, as well as Pia, I did see the likeness there. Unless I see the DNA test results, I’m guessing a hip-hop artist with a promising career who was awfully close to Michael Jackson as a youth stands to gain quite a bit from this.

    He does, though, bear a close resemblance to Blanket. Just to stir the post a litte more, is Omer Bhatti, perhaps, the sperm donor for Blanket? I personally don’t care who sired those children because as far as I’m concerned, the person who raises a child is the “real” parent. Nor do I actually regard it as anyone’s business. Yet, with all of this flurry about who parented whom, including Mr. Bhatti, I can’t help but be curious to know if that option has been considered.

    Shannon and OmerISMJSon, I’m definitely curious to know what stake you have in this, as to be so adamant Omer is the offspring of Mr. Jackson. I do recall the will stating the latter only had three children, living or deceased, and Mr. Bhatti was not named. Did I miss something there?

  20. Shocker Says:

    Shocker, Jacko had another mini me living in Neverland sleeping in his bed no doubt. All of Jacko’s pederast interests were olive skinned mini me versions of what he wished to be. Omer was no different , a cute little prepubescent boy, JAcko’s favorite bed mate. Face reality. Michael Jackson was a world famous “Boy Lover” and it cost him everything.

  21. mercy Says:

    Shocker, I hope you rot in hail for what came out of you. Don’t be mad cause Omer is from the ‘KINGS’ bloodline, that is if you can read in between lines. Shame on you. The KING will leave on and you nightmare will continue because he will be bigger than he ever was. LONG LEAVE THE KING.

  22. BlingYou Says:

    Almost by accident I stumbled upon my own post on Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson and read the comments again. I must say that I really enjoy a good discussion, and I find that this one was one of the better ones! Thanks again to everyone that contributed ๐Ÿ™‚

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