Killer roads

car_accident_crashInspired by my own blog post yesterday about texting while driving, I decided to check out some road safety commercials on youtube. I have seen many more traffic accidents up close and personal than I would like to think about, and in most cases – they were completely unnecessary.

Most people, and perhaps myself included, have a nonchalant view on driving and rarely thinks about the consequences of being on the road. One thing is what can happen to your car, loosing your license etc, few of us think about the harm we can cause others or ourselves. The legislation in most countries have specific laws on accidents caused by negligence or intentionally, and most do not really know how low negligence will go when the ifs and buts of the accident are discussed in court months later. Check out to get a better understanding of legal consequences after car accidents and injuries caused. Its probably enough to be texting on your phone, driving 20 km/h above the posted speed limit, the fact that you had bad tires or brakes, was drunk, was overloaded your car and the list goes on.

Since I spend quite a lot of time on the road, and try to buckle up my seat belt, drive safely and responsible – I too am relying on that all the rest of you are doing the same. From my previous experience, I know that many are not. Anyway, enough morals, please have a look at some road safety films that I found, and they should all make you think how you drive. If not, you are downright stupid and should have your license revoked. That last bit is not a joke, btw..

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