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Every day I, and probably most of you, see a lot of images with quotes, funny stuff, political statements or “like if you don’t want kids to get cancer” in my Facebook news feed. The quality of these differ a lot, some are downright genius – most are not and some are just plain bad. I post these from time to time too, when I like them for some reason and they have some content that I like or find funny/provocative/interesting/dumb or any combination of these. Below I have collected some stuff that I have received and/or posted in my Facebook feed, feel free to use them if you want. I have no idea who has the rights to these, if anyone – so use them at your own risk 🙂

arthur c clarke quote


snowden at the terminal  - like the movie upside down world map opinions are like assholes anti fascists indispensable people arthur schopenhauer quote truth 603550_463633923654263_2087669242_n 564870_10150679855981501_1924298134_n 419627_597248580292796_485343556_n 337987_10151023839376501_1713258328_o 315961_10150338343901501_944452057_n

Julian assange quote Russels teapot offended 560176_10150834231011501_141876870_n 534368_10150629861461501_290075374_n 531423_10150664572211501_560274994_n 483708_10151918141216501_282903388_n 405661_363899010306225_205344452828349_1354528_1765088331_n 314370_10150331514421501_247452656_n 165263_10151995534231501_1805514592_n 64461_10151889608086501_1860624830_n 45342_10151072438221501_2011606355_n 19930_10151804207451501_1628726827_n


christians and atheist motivation to do good

christians and atheist motivation to do good

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