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spotify_logoThe new holy grail of music is Spotify, the streaming program for virtually all music ever made digital. The program is currently in beta/limited availability – and music lovers all over the world are craving to get in and share the bliss. I have been using this program since last fall, and its addictive 🙂 Most of the music you listened to when you had time to listen to music is there, along with lots of new, and still for you, undiscovered artists.

Once you get the hang of it, you can share the play lists you have created on or download somebody else’ compilation of music. Its a  great way to expand your musical horizon.

The program has both a free and paid model and for a reasonable prize per month (€ 10/£ 10/Nkr 99) you will not have to endure the commercials plaguing the free version. When I first started using this program the commercials were few and far apart, but I have noticed that they are coming more and more often – something that is understandable if you have a product to sell, and a great product at that. The guys at Spotify are currently not giving access to the program for other countries than the UK and Sweden, and if you want to listen to great music with great quality – you have to cheat.

I will try to explain how its possible to register with Spotify from another country than the two that are currently given access. I don’t want to do anything illegal, so if this trickery is illegal in any way, this post will be removed.

Try this:

  • Find a proxy in Sweden or the UK. This one is in the UK and works, at least for now.
  • Enter “” in the blank field in the middle of the page. Any surfing through the proxy is now done as a UK Internet user.
  • Click the green “Get started” icon.
  • You should now be on the “register new user” page and fill in the information you want to use, like username, email address, gender etc. Remember that you officially is doing this in the UK, so you need a UK postal code. I did a simple google search to find one.
  • Enter the letters and/or numbers in the gray field exactly, tick “I agree with the Spotify end user agreement” and then “Create account and proceed“.

With any luck you should now have a valid UK user account with Spotify and can download the client. Registering spotify with this method is done at your own risk and may be immoral in some sense of the word.

Spotify should open up their service to everyone asap so stuff like this would not be necessary.

Feel free to comment if this worked for you, and Good luck 🙂

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3 Responses to “Getting a Spotify user account”

  1. Erik Says:

    I tried this method today and it worked flawlessly. I now have a working spotify coount on my computer, streaming music! I changed the country from the UK to my own country after I registered and that was not a problem. Thaks for helping me get access to all this great music!!

  2. BlingYou Says:

    Thats great Erik, I hope you enjoy all the wonderful music available through Spotify. It is a shame that its necessary to fool the service to get access, but for now its the only way to get access if you live outside of Sweden or the UK. Hopefully this will change in the future.

  3. Aubreyonix Says:

    It was a DNS problem. Refreshed them and it worked superior after.

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