Fat and lazy slobs

The future for all of us?

The future for all of us?

That’s what we are all becoming, according to a recent study in the UK, paid for by Nuffield Health Fitness Report and presented by Sky News. Actually the report should have been named the Nuffield Health lack of Fitness Report, because the results are depressing.

I do not live in the UK, btw, I live in Norway. Norway is probably still somewhat healthier than the UK, but every bad trend tend to follow this path: USA ->UK->Europe in general->Rest of the world. If people are fat in the USA, we are going to be fat in Europe within a decade or two. If everybody gets diabetes type 2 in the USA, we are all getting it shortly. Its unfortunate and sad, but true – and we do not have the common sense to see it coming and avoid it.

Anyway, the study shows that:

– Around one in six people said if their remote control was busted, they would rather just continue to watch whatever channel was on rather than getting up to change channel.

– About 59% of the 2 000 adults questioned would rather use the elevator than walk two flights of stairs to get to work.

– 36%  said they would not run to catch a bus.

– 28%  said that they would exercise more if it would make them more attractive to their partner.

According to ABC Nyheter, a Norwegian online newspaper, the study also showed the following:

– 73% were too exhausted at the end of a long day to have sexual intercourse.

– 52% of dog owners did not have the energy to walk their dog.

– 64% of parents did not have the energy to play with their children.

So our future is basically this: We are going to become fat, lazy slobs that spend all our time in front of the TV, not bothering to try to stay attractive for our partner, probably talking to, but not playing with, our fat and lazy children while our obese dog walks itself in the living room. After a while humanity will die out by itself, since we do not have the energy to make any more children, as this includes some good old fashion love making, and given this outlook – its probably for the best.

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3 Responses to “Fat and lazy slobs”

  1. Zoran Says:

    blingyou.net to GoogleReader!

  2. Myra hayes Says:

    I am a fat lazy slob! Any advice on doing something with my life?

  3. BlingYou Says:

    Any fat and lazy slow should add less energy and spend more. Get off your ass and take a walk, run, take the bike and use the stairs. I have been trying to not be lazy, allthough that is my default setting, and have done the above. The end result is that I am feeling better and looking slimmer. It does not take much effort, but you do have to start 🙂

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