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I have received a complaint!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

A few days ago I posted some images of Matt Damon from the period he was filming the movie “The Informant!“. Many of these, well all actually, showed a relatively fat and unfit Matt Damon, as the part he was playing was just that, fat and unfit. Being the method, or at least dedicated, actor that he is; he got fat to be able to play the part better.

End of story? Eh, no..

Today I received a complaint! Someone I know contacted me off blog, in what adults call the real world, or IRL for short, and complained about just posting pictures where Matt Damon looks less hunky than his normal self. To please this person and stop the yelling and crying, I had to promise to post some pictures where he looks good too, so here is – for your viewing pleasure – a sexier Matt Damon 🙂

New pictures from the Treholt espionage case and trial

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

The famous, at least in Norway, espionage case against Arne Treholt is finalized, at last. Arne Treholt, dob December 13, 1942, was a sub department head and press spokesman for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he was arrested on the 20th of January 1984, charged with espionage.

The case was handled by Eidsivating Lagmannsrett  between 25th of February and the 20th of June 1985. Arne Treholt was sentenced to 20 years in prison for espionage on behalf of The Soviet Union and Iraq. The case was later appealed to the Supreme Court, but Treholt later withdrew his appeal.

Treholt has several times applied for a retrial, in both 1986 and 1990. The appeals were turned down by Eidsivating Lagmannsrett and later the following appeals to the Supreme Court was denied.

Arne Treholt was pardoned on the 3rd of Juli 1992 due to health issues, after having served 8 years and 5 months of his 20 year sentence. Treholt later filed a third appeal for a re-opening of his case to the Gjenåpningskommisjonen (Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission) but this was denied on the 23rd of January 2005.

Since the case now is over and done with, and there are no more possibilities for appeals or retrials, the Norwegian Police Security Service, the PST, have released some images that has not been made public before. The PST has also put together an overview of the case with more images, unfortunately only in Norwegian, but if you are interested you can find it here.

Anyone in Norway old enough to read newspapers or watch TV in the 80s know about the Treholt case. We have only had a couple of them in our country’s relatively short existence, one other being the Galtung-Haavik case, and the controversy relating to his pardon and later books and interviews has stirred up much debate.

Arne Treholt himself is states that “there are no new information in this case” when asked to comment the new images. Treholt would like more openness regarding the whole case, and has several times asked that the whole verdict be made public. He then continues “.. the only secrets in this verdict is that it does not contain anything secret“. Treholt has admitted gross misconduct during his service in the Ministry of Foreign Affaris, but has never admitted guilt for espionage.

According to the director of communications at PST, Trond Hagubakken, no more of the extensive material related to the Treholt case and trial will ever be published.

At last this case is over, and in the gallery below you can see the images that are “new” in this case.

More Matt Damon

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

As the title indicates, this is more of Matt Damon. Not necessarily more information or many more images – but certainly a Matt Damon that is more by himself. I am a big fan of Matt Damon, so I am not trying to put him down or anything, I just find it interesting how some actors will go through just about anything to fit the part in movies that they play in. The images below are taken while Matt was filming The Informant. Luckily he is now back to his attractive, hot and slender looking self 🙂

If you would like another, and more extreme, example of transformations, have a look at the things Christian Bale has gone through for his movies.

Matt Damon get fat for art

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
The movie poster for the Informant

The movie poster for the Informant

Matt Damon is by many viewed as one of the sexiest men alive, but he will still adjust his body to fit any part he plays in a movie. In the Bourne trilogy he was athletic and buffed, in the upcoming movie “The Informant!” – he is downright fat. According to Damon he gained 30 pounds (13.6 kg) to play the role of the company vice president turned whistleblower, Marc Whitacre.

I definitely got doughy” sais Damon, now back to his leaner, slimmer self, according to EW.  “I started eating like crazy and drinking dark beer. Between meals on set, I’d eat a No. 1 Value Meal at McDonald’s and then Doritos on top of it. It was absolute heaven.”

Well, many of us do exactly that, but more for pleasure than high profile roles in movies, and many of us have problems getting back too..

Anyway, have a look at the trailer for the movie “The Informant!” – I am looking forward to it this September.

Police in Norway and the (mis)reading of stats

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Today there was an article in the Norwegian newspaper VG on how many new police officers the various parties want to educate over the next few years. Since we have an upcoming election in September, the politicians is climbing over oneanother to promise more police, better care for the elderly, less taxes, better hospitals, cheap or free child care etc, all the things they think will win over more voters come elections.

When reading the article the Venstre politician Odd Einar Dørum stated that we need to educate more police to reach the goal of 2 police officers per 1000 capita in Norway. I wondered about his number for a moment, and decided to check its validity according to other statistical data.

According to and the criminal statistics there, we have already reached this goal. Norway resides as # 27 – indicating that we already have 2,42 police officers per 1000 persons.

The "best" regarding police vs. capita

The "best" regarding police vs. capita

When clicking on Norway in the stats you will find an overview of the police efficiency and how satisfied people are with the overall police service in Norway. Reading these numbers, the population seems to be very happy with the police, the way policing is done in Norway and how the politicians generally are running the police. See the image below for more info:

Good stats for the police, but are they true?

Good stats for the police, but are they true?

Anyone in Norway has noticed that the police in Norway has had a conflict with their employer over the last year, dramatically reducing efficiency, discovery and solving rates for crime and overall presence in society, and these stats (although old) seem odd. Was things really that different back then? If the goal of the number of police was reached in 2000, why make a big fuzz about educating more now?

A wise man one said: There are lies, damn lies and statistics. I have to agree, you can read these statistics any way you want. We rank very well on most, if not all of them, ban the Software piracy rate (29%) indicating that we are generally a safe and non criminal society. In many ways I think we are, but we are on a downward spiral in that respect, and I think its time to really do something about it. Educating more officers is fine, but the police need a huge increase in money and equipment to withstand the flood of crime coming to our shores shortly, especially from the eastern European states, now opening up through the EU cooperation and free travel within Europe.

Dear politicians, please think big when it comes to crime prevention!

Is scaring smokers effective?

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

In Norway, the department of Health have finally decided to put images and text on the packs of smokes that are available in our shops. In the past they only had text like “Smoking kills”, “Smoking is highly addictive” and “Smoking can cause cancer”. A survey performed among 1000 people of all ages, sexes and smoking habits assisted in the selection of the images. The survey showed that younger people respond better to images relating to things they care about, like potency and appearance – while older people were more fact driven. Below are the images chosen in Norway. You have to click them to see them in all their glory:

I am a former smoker, and quit while there was still only text on the cigarettes. Is it really necessary to enhance the “Smoking kills” message by putting images on them? I don’t really know. After decades of being hammered with the unhealthiness of smoking, I think everybody knows that smoking does not improve you in any way, neither physically, mentally or coolness-wise. We all know they are coffin nails and half of those who smoke regularly will die from a smoke related disease. In Norway, even advertising cigarettes (and alcohol btw) is illegal and anything even resembling an ad for cigarettes is instantly banned. I am glad, however, that they chose somewhat less intrusive imagery than the ones I saw when in Thailand:

Most smokers say that they are planning to quit or reduce their smoking, and recent studies have shown that less young people begin to smoke now. I think this is good news, and should reduce the number of deaths among smokers in the long run. Many young people replace smoking with “snusing”, using “Snus” – a smokeless tobacco. This does not, as far as we know now, have the same health issues as smoking, but is just as addictive – if not more addictive – than smoking. Below is some images for your enjoyment of snus and people using it 🙂

Fat and lazy slobs

Monday, August 10th, 2009
The future for all of us?

The future for all of us?

That’s what we are all becoming, according to a recent study in the UK, paid for by Nuffield Health Fitness Report and presented by Sky News. Actually the report should have been named the Nuffield Health lack of Fitness Report, because the results are depressing.

I do not live in the UK, btw, I live in Norway. Norway is probably still somewhat healthier than the UK, but every bad trend tend to follow this path: USA ->UK->Europe in general->Rest of the world. If people are fat in the USA, we are going to be fat in Europe within a decade or two. If everybody gets diabetes type 2 in the USA, we are all getting it shortly. Its unfortunate and sad, but true – and we do not have the common sense to see it coming and avoid it.

Anyway, the study shows that:

– Around one in six people said if their remote control was busted, they would rather just continue to watch whatever channel was on rather than getting up to change channel.

– About 59% of the 2 000 adults questioned would rather use the elevator than walk two flights of stairs to get to work.

– 36%  said they would not run to catch a bus.

– 28%  said that they would exercise more if it would make them more attractive to their partner.

According to ABC Nyheter, a Norwegian online newspaper, the study also showed the following:

– 73% were too exhausted at the end of a long day to have sexual intercourse.

– 52% of dog owners did not have the energy to walk their dog.

– 64% of parents did not have the energy to play with their children.

So our future is basically this: We are going to become fat, lazy slobs that spend all our time in front of the TV, not bothering to try to stay attractive for our partner, probably talking to, but not playing with, our fat and lazy children while our obese dog walks itself in the living room. After a while humanity will die out by itself, since we do not have the energy to make any more children, as this includes some good old fashion love making, and given this outlook – its probably for the best.

Omer Bhatti – perhaps the son of Michael Jackson?

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about the Norwegian Omer Bhatti who spent a lot of time with Michael Jackson from 1996 and onward, staying at the Neverland ranch, tagging along on tours etc. My main focus then was how focused the media in my country was on Mr Bhatti and tried to connect stories to Michael, the children and basically anything. Today I noticed that Jermaine Jackson had been inverviewed by Larry King Live on CNN, on the 7th of August, stating the following regarding Omer Bhatti: “I really don’t know if he is Michaels son or not” about 2:33 into the clip.

Well, what to make of this? I really don’t know, since a brother should know who his nephews are – and Jermanie obviously don’t.

Anyway, have a look at the below clip and make your own mind up – it seems that the Michael Jackson saga continues..

John Hughes is dead

Friday, August 7th, 2009
John Huges dies at 59

John Hughes dies at 59

John Hughes, the writer/director who brought us most of the classic movies in the 80’s died today in New York. Hughes was the mastermind director behind such youth defining moves as:

The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

In addition to writing the above movies, he also was a writer/producer for numerous other hit movies during the decade of stretch pants and fluffy hair, like Pretty in Pink and Home Alone – remember, before Macaulay Culkin became all annoying.

I have seen most of his movies, everyone growing up in the 80’s and 90’s have, knowingly or not. The characters he portrayed, the music he included and the sense of truth in the stories he told was, at that time, uncommon and easy to relate to for a young person.

Even though his latter work lacked, in my opinion, the freshness, unafraidness (I know its not a real word ) and groundbreaking qualities of his earlier movies – I still followed his career – albeit at a distance.

RIP Mr. Hughes.

Omer Bhatti – the non son of Michael Jackson

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
Omer Bhatti at the Michael Jackson funeral

Omer Bhatti at the Michael Jackson funeral

Norway does not have many internationally renowned celebrities, movie stars or artists, but we do have one and he is world famous in Norway 🙂 Because of this fact, anything that makes Norwegians interesting is good stuff for our media.

In 1996 the then 12 year old Omer Bhatti from Oslo, Norway stood outside the hotel of Michael Jackson in Tunisia, dressed as his idol. After performing a few dance moves, Michael Jackson noticed him and invited the family to his room. As far as I know both mother, father and siblings were invited and it all resulted in the Bhatti family trailing the Jackson entourage all over the world for several years. The Bhattis also stayed at the Neveraland ranch with Jackson for long periods.

Still, unless Michael Jackson – in addition to being a shape shifter also can travel in time – he is not the father of Omer Bhatti, even though some UK tabloids has speculated about this “fact“.

Omer Bhatti travelled to Los Angeles immediately after the death of Michael Jackson, as he has a good relationship with Jacksons children. In the mayhem that ensued over there, I guess they needed a sane, calm and caring friend. Norwegian media has been climbing over one another to bring us information about the friendship between Bhatti and Jackson, and he has not made any statements to any media. He stated this on his ObeeGalaxy blog Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen Don’t make it factual”

The above message has later been replaced by this:


Omer Bhatti prefer to give no statements about his friend, their relationship and the connection he has with the Jackson children. I think this is a mature and correct decision, but that does not calm the press in any way.

Today one of our major newspapers, VG, stated the followning “news” over one full page in the paper issue – and I will translate the headline for you non norwegians out there: Went SHOPPING with the Jackson children.

Basically the story is this, and this is all it is: The Norwegian Omer Bhatti (25) has been shopping with the children of Michael Jackson – in identical shoes as the pop legends youngest son!” “Omer went shopping with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (12) and Prince Michael Jackson II (7) at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Along with them was also the two children of Jermaine Jackson, Jaffar (13) and Jermajesty (9). Omer had the same shoes as Prince Michael Jackson II, aka “Blanket”.

Holy crap people, is this news or news worthy in any way, shape or form?? He had the same shoes! My God, stop the press! There is also a link to images on a blog somewhere, so we can all see the proof of this sensation. Liking the same shoes or clothes as an idols son is sufficient to fill a page in a national newspaper – at least in my country – but I suspect that its more or less the same all over.

It is now six weeks or so since Michael Jackson met his maker, and personally I am so utterly fed up with all the micro-news we have been presented with ever since. Michael Jackson had a pimple on his ass! Michael Jackson is gay and met his male lovers in sleazy hotels! Michael Jackson is not the father of his children! Michael Jackson was killed/took an overdose/had an accident/killed himself!

Its enough now, I am done – I think we all are. This latest “news” about the shoes was the drop for me. Its time to skip through anything bearing any resemblance to Michael Jackson news for a while. Its a shame, really, as the guy was gifted as an artist, although flawed as a person – and I fear that his legacy will be that of an eccentric, not an important recording and performance artist. I even experienced him live once, and there is no doubt that he was a fabulous entertainer.

Edit: In a recent interview with Larry King on CNN, Jermaine Jackson further the confusion by saying that he was unsure if Omer Bhatti was Michaels son or not.