Animal cruelty in the fur industry?

I do not condone terrorist like organizations that break into facilities they do not like and burn them down or cause other types of damage. We have had a few examples of that in Norway, where animal activists have torched fur farms and released the animals into the wild.

Firstly, even if you disagree, there is no need to destroy somebody elses livelyhood and/or hurt them. Secondly, animals raised in a cage for fur or meat does not have the basic skills to survive in the wild and will die of starvation or become the dinner for a more adept predatory cousin. Doing this is both illegal, unethical and immoral, imho anyway – but there may be better ways to achieve the same goal.

Fox puppy with a torn ear

Fox puppy with a torn ear

The Network for Animal Freedom has “visited” 45 Norwegian fur farms and have documented what they saw there in images available on their Flickr page. They did a similar thing in 2008, documenting the conditions at 100 fur farms. The group claims that the images show inhumane treatment of bred-for-fur animals, and looking through them, its hard to disagree. The fur farmers have been reported to the police, and hopefully something will happen as a result of this. The group, however, claim that the Norwegian authorities have no credibility when it comes to cleaning up this industry.

I do not believe that we should stop using animals as a resource for food, clothing and other products, like the fundamentalists of PETA, but I do believe in treating the animals humanely. If decent living conditions and living quarters increase the price of said products, so be it. Anyone wanting to buy a fur coat can probably pay the small percentage price increase this would result in anyway.

Mink with bite wound

Mink with bite wound

The police should look into these claims and investigate the validity of their claims. If true, the fur farmers should be fined, jailed or forbidden to operate and keep animals.

Animals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and not like this.

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