AIDS is a mass murderer

every 15 seconds a person dies from aidsThere is a controversial ad campaign getting ready to be showed down the throat of German TV viewers and movie goers from next week until World Aids Day on December 1st. They use strong images and messages  to make people open their eyes to HIV and AIDS, stating that somebody dies from AIDS every 15 seconds. It turns out that British research has found that one in four HIV positive does not know that they are infected with HIV, and keeps spreading it to others Рmultiplying the damage and suffering. Some people will be offended by both the sexy video and the real mass murderers used in the posters below. Still, if only a few Рor even one, takes precautions, protect themselves and as a result does not infect another Рits all worth it.

Have a look at it and make up your own opinion.

The video should work in your browser, depending on what you have installed on your computer. You might need a media player if you do not have this installed already. I prefer the “play everything” VideoLan, as it will play media in the Firefox browser and open the external player in IE, but any player capable of handling FLV-files should do the job:

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If you are going to have sex with an untested partner, or if you have not tested yourself in a while – use a condom. They are probably the cheapest life insurance you will ever get!

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  1. | Acne Treatment Medication Says:

    HIV AIDS is really a very scary disease. until now, there is no know cure or vaccine for it. the only we can prevent it is through safe sex.

  2. ~ Melatonin Dosage Says:

    HIV / AIDS is one hell of a scary disease. we still do not have a cure nor a vaccine for it, so always practice safe sex.

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