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What is most important to you?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Have you ever used the service Stumbleupon? It’s basically a service where people add things they find interesting within a certain area, be it photography or humor, and by doing so recommend it to others with similar interests. I use it from time to time, when I have no idea what I want to read or if I am bored with whatever I normally check when I go surfing.

One of the really great things about this service, is that you will be sent to web pages you probably would not find yourself or through google – usually because you did not think of actually searching for it. I have experienced numerous times that I have an interest in stuff I did not know I had an interest in 🙂

When stumbling around I wast presented with a blog that asked me what my favorite things are. I was about to zoom on by when I realized that I actually didn’t really know. I am, probably like most of you, living in a society where we are overwhelmed by things – we basically have everything one could possibly want or need. By having everything its easy to loose track of the most important things among them. Not necessarily physical things, it could be thing you do rather than a thing you have, but still – what is most important? Is your computer, your TV, running in the woods, being with friends, diamond rings, your car, cool speakers, an iPad 3 or whatever the version is now? You are asked to only give two things. While most of us could probably name a dozen things that we like, it’s actually more difficult to name only two.

Frankly, I am not certain at the moment, so I have not written anything. Not many people have at the moment, as a result of low traffic or people just not being able to reduce it to only two things. It’s strange how such a simple question can result in not being able to produce an answer off the top of your head.

I will think about it and write something when its clear to me, and I urge you to challenge yourself in the same way; What are the most important things for you or in your life?

Not as simple as you thought, eh?